20+ years of multifaceted business experience

Drawing on over 20 years of multifaceted business experience and personal life events including navigating the challenges of a divorce, managing the complexities of aging parents, and raising a son, I’ve amassed an invaluable wealth of knowledge and insight. This rich tapestry of professional and personal experiences uniquely qualifies me to guide others through the intricacies of their own financial journeys.

As an expat myself, I understand firsthand the unique financial challenges that expats face. This personal experience, combined with my professional expertise, enables me to provide highly relevant and effective financial coaching for expats.

My Story

I’ve been working on the business side of tech for over 20 years. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, I made a significant career move in 2010 when I relocated to Germany to pursue an MBA. Following the completion of my studies, I began working at hybris, a company that later became part of SAP, where I currently work on innovation strategy.

The inspiration for my expat financial coaching practice emerged during the pandemic. While I have been providing guidance to friends and family for many years, I made the decision to formalize my coaching services in response to the challenges of the pandemic. I have a genuine passion for the realm of personal finance, as well as an affinity for working with Excel and interacting with people. My unwavering commitment lies in assisting you in attaining your financial objectives.

I am also a member of the Financial Coaches Network to support me in continually becoming a better financial coach through continuing education, implementing coaching best practices, and other resources.